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“Behind every fear is the grip of uncertainty. All you have to do is break the grip to be really certain.”

Yessssss! The tenth day, I suppose it’s a good day to go out, lounge and build a tent 💀 C’mon cut me some slack with the puns. I need to revive my pun game like nun other, hehehe 😉

I think I’ve been too focused on hitting the mark through this period of my journal writing. I guess there’s more to enjoy in the process than I once envisaged. I always thought by the end of this little project of mine I would have dropped a 100% percent performance but here I am.

Mind you, I’m not bothered about the mark anymore because I am here, I achieved this little or better still this much — who’s to judge? Obviously not you 😂

However, if my my ratings so far I’ve maintained a 75–85% worth of performance, should I be satisfied? Well, no. Maybe before, but not anymore. At this point in my life I realized my only competition is my former self ☺ and nothing gives you more joy than that.

I’d have loved to make my conclusive note today but let’s make up for that tomorrow — the 11th day.

So what about today? Remember I said I wanted to focus on balancing the segments. Well, here’s how it went :


At this point I no longer have any excuse to give than to give in to the work. I’m glad I did, I maintained my read up hours which of course I hope to improve on. It was great trust me and I had my fun, fatigue, stress and learning in all that lump of hours. The goal drives you, the vision keeps you going. You’d get better. ✊


Oh yes, remember I had 2 people I was meant to connect with, we attended the same Univ. Eventually, I found time this afternoon to send a message to them. I couldn’t keep a long conversation with them but I’m glad I played my part by reaching out. It was quite a relief. Hopefully, we get to talk more and I get to know them better — the start of a worthwhile friendship perhaps 💯

Bodily Exercise

Haha 😂 please can I laugh this over?


Alright. Well, as you can see your homeboy has skipped some practical exercises. I guess I haven’t had any girl to woo yet, no vibe 🤣😂😁

Most importantly for my exercise routines I think I’ve been fair with it though 🙄 just saying.

So, that’s it for today. Err, as you’ve probably read over and over again nothing stops you from getting through with what you plan. Remember, behind every fear is the grip of uncertainty. All you have to do is break the grip to be really certain 🤓

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow 🚀

Bye 👋

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