bonjour! bonsoir! buendia! buena norches! 😁😁

I actually love a taste of being multilingual, even though I gotta admit — Google Translate was at work here.

Today has been a great day, thankful for another experience. I have come to realize that the root of fear comes from the idea of “uncertainty” that is, not knowing whether or not you’d come off successful with your plans. This was my fear some two days back. As I wrote on the first post, I kept thinking to myself “Samuel, are you sure you’re going to pull through with these plans?” 😂 I was nervous.

I like the fact that I’ve started, and it might not be on a high note. However, I’ve experienced the worst. I didn’t do my exercise as well as I thought, neither did I finish up with a particular study. Interestingly, despite these disappointments, I was able to channel my residual energy into meeting some spontaneous goals. That’s good, but there’s a reason for organization and that is efficiency.

Today has been pretty much hilarious. I read through a number of tweets about “heart breaks and whatnot” Fam! 😂 😂 it was wild! I guess the perks to this is the cliché saying of “personal development”

I carried on with my exercise routine today, and yeah I knew I could only do 10reps of basic push-ups. I had a proper evaluation of my strength and weakness here and got on with it. I reduced the time from 15mins to 2sets of 10reps push-ups in 15mins. I also added a new routine — sit-ups.

Sturdy, study, study. Each time I get to this segment, I always wish I could skip it. Yeah I know you gotta read, but some books can be boring 😑

Remember I still have a personal project to write on something about software developers? Yes, it’s still on my mind. However, I learnt something from a Tedtalk where you’re advised to seamlessly rotate activities to help creativity. Here’s how it works; I want to research on a subject matter, I sit there for like 2hrs working on gathering materials, after a while I get tired of that activity.

I need to engage in a different activity to help my creativity, perhaps listen to music or work on Canva OR better still learn about UX/UI design.

Today, so far I had to pause my research to get into some academic notes. That way I could switch the activities and lastly, I had to catch a movie to seal it up 😉

Relationship goals are beyond finding a partner, because you still have to work on the longevity of that engagement. I believe I’ve got to work more on building my friendships. It’s about taking deliberate actions to appreciate people around me.

Interestingly, today I opened up YouVersion and got an interesting quote I decided to share with you here

"Be involved regularly with others who love Jesus.
Simply eat lunch with 3 or 4 other believers"

The idea is that, as a Christian, do find time to reach out to your guys and talk regularly. Thus, finding strength and encouragement in community. I decided to act on this, put out there and shared with people. You’d be surprised the number of people that agreed to this. Now, I have to get the anxiety outta the way and get up on a line up of activity 🙄

But I ain’t a social person, nor a program organizer 😩

Take Home.

Every good thing comes by hard work, nothing excellent is easy to come by. So far, having to write these experiences have helped me stay organized with my plans and focused on my goals.

As a friend once said, everyone builds himself by his character and competence. This is key 🔑 to help fine-tune efficiency. Habits are developed over time by trickles of activities.

I hope you learnt a thing or two today, not even from my experiences, but from your failures or setbacks. We move on to bring out the best, irrespective of what happens that may seem otherwise.

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow.

Bye 👋

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