I’m sorry, I had not prepared a note to complete the afore statement, nonetheless I think I’d leave it to retain my supposed “suspense". Today is the third day of my Journal and I’m equally excited to share my quick story with you.

I have to be very honest with, I’m beginning to enjoy writing these experiences and sharing them with you. obviously, at this point I’m over the fears of “never keeping up with my write ups” or “phew, nobody is very gonna read them” I can see the stats, they’re not much but I’ve got my consistent readers. They drive me, thanks guys 😘

Bodily Exercise

Hmm, before I jump into my exercise routine for today, I’m going to share a word I heard from a podcast. Apparently, a number of you close to me would have seen my affinity with Ryan Leak lately. He worked on this project “Chasing Failure” and in the context of the project he highlighted how he had to workout extensively. He said, the reason why we workout and try to push beyond our limits is not just the effects on our body, no. It’s about training our minds to push beyond the norm of pain and get another go at it. Increase the reps, add to the sets.

These things aren’t easy to implement, but you just gotta give it a try. So, for today, I knew I needed to add to my routine beyond the warm ups and push ups. I added a sit-up to it. Luckily for me, unlike the push-ups, I still got my sit ups pretty well. In my first set, I worked up 25reps sit ups and 10 reps push-ups. I moved on to the 2nd set, and this time I felt the tiredness, phew 😪 Anyway, I had to do it. So I worked on 17reps sit-ups and 10reps push-ups instead.

I can’t promise to always hit top bins with my routines. All I want to pass across is the need to be consistent. It’s either I am working out or gaining more fat, the pendulum swings either way constantly.


I am not going to bullshit you with any motivational quotes today. I have to be real, I didn’t go through with this today, as much as I could.

Alright, I have to admit this is getting embarrassing. I really should be grinding in on the books. In fact, I had mistakenly popped a wrong info to someone concerning a field I was “very much interested in” Nahh, trust me it was embarrassing.

I guess today’s one bad day for me, but still, I can’t be ruled by my emotions. I’d keep the reminder once again that the best people at their art and expertise gave in their best shots.

No procrastinations, no excuses. We are all responsible for our actions. Own it and no matter how embarrassing, no one can use them against you ❤


I gotta admit, I’ve never thought I was really friendly days prior to my commitment. I actually ,intend to keep things this way, habits are cultivated to be a part of our character 🙂

I wouldn’t have thought I would consistently be writing these updates, but here I am, and here you are….enjoying it I suppose 🙄

Today was fun, I made sure I was relatively available to friends that needed me. I even returned a missed call almost immediately! Oh yes, I consider that an important change. These days, I try to clear up my unread whatsApp messages by actually reading them and sending thoughtful responses.

One thing I’ve realized is, when you give thoughtfulness to people around you, no matter how minute, they sense it and reciprocate same.

The only downside to this is that j have a friend’s birthday coming up in a few days and I’m stuck as to choice of gift. What do I do? 😳Oh Jesus, you gotta intervene! 😭😳😳😀😀 haha.

Take home

All I have to say is this, overcoming fear of consistency involves taking little bold steps. They do not have to be daunting experiences before you take a bold step. Most times, fear of consistency comes from a place of unknown certainties. Unfortunately, the certainties are never known until you try. Take a step today fam ✊

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow.

Bye 👋

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