We’re never out of goals or attainable success. We’re just out of focus, it’s time to realign and focus 💯

Hey, how was your week? and how are you prepping for the weekend?To be clear, it’s a Friday over here and I have a strong urge to just write “TGIF”

Think about it, what could explain today more perfectly than that? TGIF is always an exciting tag to use especially when you’ve had a stressful week and wish to unwind as soon as possible. You get into that amazing element by Friday evening and on Sunday evening, the relieve is being whisked off you. Although, as rhetorical as it may not seem, Why do we get to relax for 2days following 5days of intense work? 🤔

Welcome back to today’s episode of my journal. At first, I argued with the possibility of that happening but I figured I’m basically writing down a journal and giving you access to its content. I think 🤔 it’s time for a subscription, no?😊 Let’s dive in, to see what happened.

Bodily Exercise

For the first time in 4days, this is my most memorable section of the day.


Because it’s TGIF 😆😅😆

Wait, you really wanted me to get on with the exercises today? It’s a friday! so I gave myself a time out. I did this because of the drastic change in routine. I will continue with the exercises tomorrow and trust me it’s been fun. I’d have done them today but I really needed to relax my muscles too. 😐🙄🤓🤓


It went pretty well, no long stories here. In fact I should link you up to a brief work at

“SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS AND IP CONCERNS” by Samuel Abu https://link.medium.com/sSGRO7n7nbb

I’d upload the content at 4pm Saturday 14th November, so you’re good to read through by then. It’s a short, comprehensive read.


I am here to about to celebrate two major achievements. In the past, I tend to overlook the importance of keeping promises, especially when it’s to check on a friend and make myself available.

Most people don’t realize that efforts towards a goal is more important than intentions to make effor. I had promised to check up on two people. One was a promise to myself and the other, was a promise to that person.

As the week went, I had forgotten to keep up until today. At first I thought “they’d be busy, and I can’t talk now" 😁😁 scam! All I actually needed to do was find time.

Eventually, I did, in the later hours of a Friday evening. I reached out and surprisingly they were available. We spoke for a few minutes and I’m glad I took that little step to close up my part of the bargain for the week.

Lastly, it’s been a great experience this week. We’re never out of goals or attainable success. We’re just out of focus, it’s time to realign and focus 💯

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow 🚀

Bye 👋

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