The weekend is for relaxing and it’s been a good one today.

I am not typing much because I was pretty much worked up with some domestic stuff back home. Interestingly, there has been some renovations and I had to muscle up on some work 😉 (It’s my medium post, I have a right to run with my fantasies please 🙂🙂🙂)

In conclusion, I couldn’t carry out some routines but I decided to pen something here 👇

“20-10-2020” by Samuel Abu https://link.medium.com/5mNW55jQpbb

I stumbled upon some songs about the injustice in this 234 gangland, and I decided to air myself out. 😔😔 Thank you.

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow 🚀

Bye 👋

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Samuel Abu

Samuel Abu


A sucker for stories and stuffs I find interesting. I bare my thoughts here. Don't stay too long, you might lose track of time.