“Shoni Cc, cash app, ball out........” Nahh I’m not falling for that trap please 😁 I

Alright, I gotta say, I find it amazing to be here on the 7th day. It’s been interesting so far, and I’ve enjoyed taking out few minutes of my day writing out the little things that happened ☺

I’d jump right into it. I prefer having these notes less than 3 mins to be honest. You are probably reading this during a leisure time away from work and for that I really do appreciate 😉

Bodily Exercise

Phew, let me be straight with you, a few days of muscle stretching wouldn’t necessarily give me a Cristiano physique or Beckham’s agility. However, the consistency drives endurance for more.

So today, I switched up to 3 routines. I started with jumping jacks. I had just 20reps, I figured that as good for me. I moved on to my sit-ups and yes I improved! I scaled up to 25 and 15 reps respectively. While for my press up I maintained 10 reps in both sets.

One way I knew I stretched myself was by my sweat. Yoo! I had hardly used 45mins and I was sweating like crazy, phew what a routine 🙄

I’m just glad I was able to work on it 😉


Today, unlike any other I was not spurred to read. Although I needed to follow through a course, so I focused more on that. I tried this hack of studying 4hrs non stop — let’s just say I did split mine into 4 batches of an hour 😙 I love progress please.

I have no choice tomorrow , than to incorporate this hack . 🤡🤡 I’d find the zeal.


I will take a break from this one, because I pretty much buried my time with studying today. Although I checked up on a few people, they were very few…..err, okay just two people 😌😌

I’d take my growth process through the last six days as an improvement. Thank you.

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow 🚀

Bye 👋

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Samuel Abu

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