I have had this feeling of incompetence plague me each time I settle down to write my daily journal writing. This basically shifts my attention from the need to focus on being better, and rather it leaves me ruminating on the flaws for each day. However, I understood the need to stay positive with this, cos I find my inner strength in being consistent. Here’s what I mean, let’s say you opted into a personal challenge or better still a group challenge or anything of your interest that particularly had you consistent with an activity over a period of days. Imagine you’ve maintained a 20 day streak and “unfortunately” you gasses out on the 21st day 😑damn, the streak has been messed up.

At this point you’re thinking 🤔 “was it worth it? Yeah maybe. Should I try again?” This, my friend, is the test of your zeal 😂

What I love about moments like this is when you tell yourself to try again. Now, where was this strength on the 21st day? It was always there, you just never knew you had it.

Bodily Exercise

Let’s skip this segment already. I’d let you in on what I discovered.😐


😂 haha I remembered how abashed I felt yesterday not meeting up with this segment.

I’m glad to let you know I finally worked on this. I had the chance to revise up 2topics of a major course and worked on some practical drafts (🙄criminal litigation will be interesting. I speak by faith)

The reason I stalled with this segment was the fear of not being able to make do with the time I had. It’s awkward to think “oh, I am not gonna study much today cos I won’t cover as much detail as I would love to” 😂 the lie!! Samuel, you were just being lazy!

Interestingly, I got on with it again today and suddenly I found myself trusting my brain to assimilate and cover more grounds — it was cool! 😎

Finally, don’t underestimate yourself.


Oops, can we skip this segment too?





Alright, fine. I guess this is where I tell you what I observed. However before that, I’d let you in on something interesting. Over the past few months, I have met random acquaintances that attended the same Univ as I did. We exchanged contact and then…puff ☁ nothing happens.

The same thing happened today, I bumped into a similar fellow and we talked, laughed, exchanged contacts and of course I’m yet to place a call through.

I consider myself more introverted than extroverted (😑 don’t disagree I know me) I knew I needed to get hold of my personal space considering how much focus I placed on other segments. I am genuinely not in the mood for a aby further chats or discussions today and it’s okay ☺

Perhaps, tomorrow I might just round up all my acquaintances from Univ and have a conversation with them. Please, emphasis on “might 🙄”

Back to the observation I personally have. You’d have realized that prior to this moment, most times I tend to flunk one segment as I managed the other two. In fact, today’s was worse, cos 😂 no way I had to chat and read, nor exercise first before studying, obviously bruhhh no time!

🤔 really, no time? Well, as you already know that was my time management telling. This would be sorted especially regarding this 3 segments.

The summary of my note today is this; when you keep doing what you have to do, there will be times when you’d get tired. In those moments, draw strength to continue. You need little strength to continue being consistent compared to starting all over again. 💯

Tomorrow is a great day, a new one to learn and grow 🚀

Bye 👋

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