Welcome to the new year and I hope you have had an interesting experience these past few days? Don’t worry it’s just the 10th day, your testimony is coming... Amen?

So, I have got two reasons for this post.

  1. There’s a genuine concern for me amongs my friends that I have an awkward relationship with the opposite gender and I should “shoot my shot"
  2. I have actually sat down to think about point 1 above and I have come to the conclusion that “Life is meant to be enjoyed, the Partner will come eventually😏”

Amigos! this is where I pivot from the initial unknown idea of this write up to just focus on you. Yes you, the reader. You who just swiped down to check the twitter, instagram, telegram, etc and WhatsApp notifications (oh yeah, 😐 I’d advise you to read up on the policies shoved down your throat by that green hulk).

Most times we get into a bubble of our emotions where we question some things we do. I strongly believe that’s one of the greatest traits of human; that ability to introspect and evaluate your life. It comes at you at your most sober moments and I think it’s good, because it helps to put your whole speedy life on a pause and ask one simple question — “What’s up with me?”

So, yeah, What’s up with you?

It’s not a deal breaker question conjured up by your conscience to haunt you about mistakes from the past. I strongly believe it’s a guide to help you plan ahead and watch out for similar mistakes.

It’s not a question to trample on your self esteem and bring back the failures of the past. Let the tears out, write the regrets down, give yourself the space and time to heal (you need it). Afterwhich we get back on track.

We get back on track, not because we’re strong nor to impress the society or friends and family. Rather, we get back on track because we believe we can.

We ask ourselves “What’s up with me?” because we have all got the slightest innate desire to do much more with our lives.

I am basically sharing my story here, cause this back and forth gets me thinking I might be weird.🙄

What if I’m not?

What if I’m just introspecting because I strongly believe I could be better? 🤔

I think it’s the latter for me ☺

So, there you go fam, ask those questions about you. Maybe that’s what makes you different, makes you get better. Ask those questions as you drive that fear holding you back and take control of yourself for yourself. We can do this. We just have to do this. 💯

Stay tuned for Pt.2, I will always conjure something cool to share with you.

Stay Cool 😎



Samuel Abu

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