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My Anthology or what you might call it

“Phew, long time, long time”. The words that burst through my mind as I penned down these few thoughts.

Writing could be quite stressful, every word like a building block, each layer making up a word, fragmented into structures of sentences ultimately leading to an idea.

An idea to be read, an idea to be understood, and idea to be relished, an idea… to perhaps undergo an inception.

Do have a good read.


What’s more annoying than this world?

You’re born with the illusion of a perfect world

Yet you live the reality of the brutal opposite

It’s okay to be optimistic,


How long do you want to run on that juice?

It’s weird how the race to your heart, is a race in the first place

Why is there so much to prove?

So much to handle?

So much to deal!

So much to resolve?

So much, so much to live with?

Why isn’t life a jolly coaster

At least, if it’s a cycle

Why not a Rollercoaster?



I’m just so tired

So stressed……

The words that hit me, keep me dazed

I’ve got a slight chance in all of these

I’m smiling in everyone’s face

I’m crying when the room gets empty

I’m strained by this unwritten code

I can’t show, can’t express my happiness

I can’t show my joy when you’re around

My adherence to the code,

A scar to my heart

I obey these codes, yet I’m here drained

Should I be angry or be sad?

Should I compromise?

What’s left to compromise anyway

-than the TRUTH?


If everything is going to be so difficult to understand

Can I just live a plain life?



I hang on to my pen, like it’s a key

My letters being the prayer, perhaps

My scroll to be read in a temple.

This, oh this pain, regret, sorrow, fear weighs me

My body’s drained off its strength

Remember, a cheerful heart is a medicine to the body..

I’m tired of being nostalgic, yes that’s something beautiful to remember

However, can I have something new to remember?

Give me something to remember

Not from the past, no!

The future is unknown, that I know.


Can we create then for ourselves, the beautiful memories we want to see?



The rule is strict, its plain

Follow it through, there’ll be no pain

Keep it tight, it’ll help you do right

I was shown the world in a beautiful canvas

Well, I painted that picture

I imagined the beautiful,

Created the utopian

Utopia was meant to be perfect I supposed

But time told me “everything changes”

So much so, my “perfect, changed”

Right now, I can’t just keep up

Life throws varying modes of “perfect”

Expecting me to pick a side?

I’m sorry!

Utopia is perfect, I thought I pictured right?


Nothelesss,a life worth living is what I’ve got left.

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