Samuel Abu
2 min readFeb 11, 2022

I still don't know if I want this medium link to focus solely on my private thoughts or whether it's gonna be an extension of my career.

I just wanna be free on here, write about other things that bug me, inspire me, annoy me, challenge me, etc. perhaps share the details of my first flight or my first fight, or how I got caught in an anxiety limbo as a young professional, or maybe how I met this amazing and interesting young lady, etc. Sometimes I just wanna let out the realities of my fears and the curated steps I took to handle my growth.

Would I say I am an encouragement connoisseur or maybe I am just an anxious, career-driven person? *giggles

Here I am with my gibberish thoughts and here you are asking questions, wondering if I would actually write something meaningful anyway. Nope!

Sorry to break it you pal, but this… the write-up.

It is not a crime to figure things along the way, and yes, your drive is different from others but I believe that's one reason for the human trait of tolerance.

I was gonna add some interesting catchphrases for each time I put up a post here, but maybe that will be addressed in my next post. Hmm, yeah I’m for real

Phew, I think that's all. Most importantly, if my mind wanders again……you will get a notification — ding ding!!



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