This is a very great non fictional book by the American lawyer Susan Cain, as it delves into the realities of our world, asking questions and connecting the dots of personality types of successful men across all fields of professionalism through out the course of history.

The question beckons as to if they were all Extroverts? Which would be a no. Okay if that’s the case, can we say they were all introverts? Oh no. It’s always a certainty that humans are unpredictable, partially because of our varying response to stimuli, but also our method of responses may also vary hence we all can’t be same.

This would however spur up another question as to why on earth, the people on earth or a greater percentage of its inhabitants have a pre-conceived notion that most successful statesmen, legal professionals, business tycoons, aesthetic gurus and all of these guys across different fields were at one point or so extroverts, are extroverts and should be extroverts. Why so much preference ?

This is one important question I think everyone should try to answer, because we humans were created into three different personality types. The introverts Extroverts and the ambiverts . I’m not quite sure the third group was created cause the Supreme creator had foreseen that one of these two traits would gain preference and hopefully those in the middle would be able to salvage for themselves interest?… No!

I believe there’s the variety of personality to create a balance and complementary one at that, not a utility for unfair distinction and discrimination against the mellow attributes of some people. Nonetheless, through the course of history, there’s always been undue preference for the extroverted personality as the most distinctive, successful and influential type. In fact, over time as we now see today, it has been tagged as an imperative for any successful oriented personnel. Does this however not imply that everyone should be extroverts, cos it’s a great desire amongst all men to be successful.

QUIET, shouldn’t be seen as a book that’s aimed at criticizing the extroversion and exalting introversion as the most important. Rather it’s a driven journey into historical facts and figures to help readers understand that extroversion shouldn’t be given the ultimate preference but introversion also is as important as the latter. The extrovert ideal has eaten its Way up into virtually every areas of our lives from education to politics, business and even religion amongst other things.

It’s quite unfair that even from the elementary stages of our lives, children are tasked to act gregariously -it’s a proof of confidence. Act fast, it’s the quality of a good leader. Say something Always say something – it’s a show of assertiveness. Then those other kids who don’t have flare for such verbose and gregarious nature are tagged quiet and anti social, just because they have a prominent introverted nature. In fact we hear words like “you need to get out of your shell “. It’s Just sad that despite our advancement in Knowledge, as humans, we still fail to realize that even some animals are made just comfortably with their shells.

The time however seems right for us to question our choices and ask if the undue preference for extroversion is worth it. If brilliance and knowledge is only locked up in extroverts or if all personal traits are also blessed with theirs? Let’s Ask if most successful people thought extroverts are actually so, or they’re Just pretending to be, at least satisfying the notion. It would be a Surprising discovery that we’ve been playing the impression game for a long time now. Where the world has thought of its great achievers to be extroverts. Don’t be surprised that quiet a percentage of these men were introverts. They drew their intelligence, inspiration, capacity, creativity from introversion and then played the character of an extroverted personality. Subtly different.

Thus, it should be taken into cognizance that just as extroverts have a great deal of packaged intelligence, the introverts have theirs too. But just because the Cello sounds louder than the Bass, don’t mean they can’t both produce good music.

At this point, I can’t do all the exposition, but I’ll Like every one to get for themselves a copy of this book. Both introverts and extroverts , get it and see how you can appreciate the qualities of introversion. It’s Phenomenal. Trust me it is. People might also wonder why most introverts are considered anti social. Well let me give you a quick reason.

First of, a major factor to being anti social is shyness. Shyness isn’t An innate trait of introversion, rather it’s an involuntary response to the message society projects about introverts . Shyness is the fear of social disapproval, however what does the society thinks? Society believes that introversion is in normative conformity with anti socialism, basically because they don’t meet up with the standard extroversion requirement traits. Honestly, most introverts don’t meet the standard, nonetheless they’ll pretend to.

However, what if the society had to change its notion about these guys. What if people actually appreciated introverts based on their nature and intelligence? Most people appreciate the intelligence but despise its nature. What good then is there in deceiving ourselves, especially if renowned men are introverts but they pretend to be extroverts just to appeal to our ‘exalted extroversion’ requirement of success . Thus, if we actually see introverts as great as they are, socially active in their own capacity, then there would be no need for them to prove beyond what they are, and society would realize that it has pushed these set of people to point of unnecessary shyness and an unfair fight to rid themselves of the prejudged anti social nature.

The society should embrace a rethink and I hope as we do so, introversion would not only be seen as a quality of great skill and creativity, just as we’ve seen in people like Williams Shakespeare, J. K. Rowling, Rosa Parks, Wozniak (co-founder, Apple), Isaac Newton, Mahatma Gandhi, and also on the long run, the Pure dilution and appreciation of both personality types won’t be a feud for preference Rather it would be a mixture of good personality music like in the combo of Rosa parks and Martin Luther King Jr, Wozniak and Steve Jobs amongst others.

Endeavour to get a copy of the book , I think it’s Also available Offline on PDFs, and don’t Forget to try out the #quietrevolution and help encourage other introverts to accept and appreciate themselves better. Enjoy the book, and Remember


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A sucker for stories and stuffs I find interesting. I bare my thoughts here. Don't stay too long, you might lose track of time.

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Samuel Abu

A sucker for stories and stuffs I find interesting. I bare my thoughts here. Don't stay too long, you might lose track of time.